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Mr. Abubakari Munna is a conservationist and Environmental and Natural Resources Economist graduated with Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management and Master of Science in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics both from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania. Mr. Munna also attended two project management related short courses in International Project Management which was offered by GIZ's Global Campus in Bonn, Germany and Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning at Training Centre for Development and Co-operation in Eastern and Southern Africa located in Arusha, Tanzania. Munna has been working with private sector for more than seven years and have extensive experience in project implementation, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation of both research and development intervention projects funded by various donors including US-National Science Foundation, NORAD, EU and KfW Bank.


Multimillions of government, donors and corporates are spend every year for financing projects across Tanzania. However, there is no platform for sharing projects news, success stories and opportunities to enhance projects visibility. Currently, projects news and success stories, updates and opportunities such as jobs, tenders and funding are only shared and communicated through donors and project implementers' websites and other information sharing platforms such as social media, newspapers and recruitment platforms. However, there is no online platform dedicated for projects implementers to share projects news, success stories, updates and opportunities with donors, stakeholders, beneficiaries and the general public in a real time. Moreover, various NGOs, individuals and companies through their Corporate Social Responsibility Policy do support community development projects across Tanzania. However, there is no an online platform where these development stakeholders can instantly share with the general public the support they provide to communities as their efforts to address community challenges.
Projects News Hub (PNH) is a web-based social enterprise platform where donors, companies, project implementers, project beneficiaries, stakeholders and general public can share and get projects news and success stories and opportunities.

To provide a platform where donors, development partners and project implementers can share projects news, success stories and updates as well as to act as point where projects stakeholders, beneficiaries and the general public can access projects opportunities related to jobs, tenders/consultancies, funding and projects assets for sale.

To become a leading web-based social enterprise for promoting projects visibility and sharing of projects opportunities across Tanzania.

To provide high quality project visibility services through an online platform for sharing and accessing projects news and success stories, updates and opportunities.


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